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Auschwitz photo presentation 20 minute photo presentation of a visit to Auschwitz and Auschwitz Birkenau in March 2008  Palestine pioneers Jewish refugees in a workcamp in the Wieringermeerpolder, Netherlands (Dutch)
Storm in june 60 years after Auschwitz

The promising carreer of writer Irčne Némirovsky finished when the Germans send her to Auschwitz. (French, Dutch)

The other Frank family

They too were called Frank. They fled for the nazi´s and they too lived in Amsterdam.  (Dutch)

Dutch Rail opens discussion on their role in WW2

107,000 Jews were deported by Dutch Rail. A documentary on their past. (Dutch)

Holocaust Museum in Berlin

US architect and his Holocaust Memorial in Berlin.  (German, Dutch voice over)

Birthday, liberation day Celebrating their birthday together, 25 men who survived Auschwtz. (Hebrew) Unerwunschtes Kino 1

Hermann Kosterlitz, one of the important directors in Hollywood. IMPORTANT NOTICE!!

Unerwunschtes Kino 2

In 1933 Jewish film makers were forced out of Germany and made their own independent movies. IMPORTANT NOTICE!!

Volunteer for Auschwitz

Belgian resistance fighter Victor Martin voluntarily went to Auschwitz in 1942 to find out what was happening. (Dutch)

Anne Frank's other house

Anne Frank’s annex is famous, but for six decades her real home was forgot-ten: the second floor flat at 37, Mer-wedeplein in Amsterdam. (English subtitles)

Olympics 1936, two athlets and their stories

The story of two athletes of the Olympic women team. One was Jewish and the other a typical "Aryan" woman. (English, Dutch voice over)

Dutch doctor saves hundreds of Jews

Arie de Froe meassured noses and skulls of Jews to proof they weren't Jews, and so avoid deportation. (Dutch)

Prisoner 98288 tells his story

Leon Greenman tells the story of his deportation from Rotterdam to Auschwitz. (Dutch)

Letter from Anne Frank

Documentary about the letters written by Anne Frank, before she started her famous diary. (Dutch)

fl 7,50 per Jew

108,000 Jews have been arrested and deported in the Netherlands. 8,000 of them not by Germans but by the Dutch. (Dutch)

1998  interview with Wiesenthal Broadcast of the interview in 1998 with Simon Wiesenthal. (German,  Dutch voice over) Transport XX 

Raid on transport number XX from Mechelen to Auschwitz, by the Belgian resistance. (French, Dutch)

Humor in the Holocaust

Louis de Wijze survived Westerbork, Auschwitz and Dachau. His weapon: Humor. (Dutch)

Grandfather Mekka grandfather Mokum

Orit (13) has two grandfathers, one is Jewish and the is Moslim. (Dutch)

Leaving Auschwitz behind

The story of Lenie Boeken (82). She survived Auschwitz and Mengele's medical experiments. (Dutch)


The story of three Jewish senior citizens of Odessa. (Ukranian, Dutch subtitles)

Clara's suitcases

On the attick in a house in Israël two suitcases, with manuscripts, letters and documents were discovered. (Dutch)

The passion of the Christ

Mel Gibsons interpretation of the last hours of Jesus Christ. (Armenian, Latin, Dutch voice over)

The Bunker

On Hitler's bunker the artist Pinchas Cohen Gan wants to create a work of art. (Hebrew, Dutch subtitles)

Return of a part of the Koenigs collection

139 works of art from the Koenigs collection return to the Netherlands. (Dutch)

Search for Wallenberg 1

Search for Raoul Wallenberg who disappeared in January 1945 from Budapest. (English, Dutch voice over)

Search for Wallenberg 2

Search for Raoul Wallenberg who disappeared in January 1945 from Budapest. (English, Dutch voice over)

Search for Willy

Story of non Jewish boy Ronnie and his Jewish friend Willy. (Dutch)

Jan Komski

PPT of the story of Jan Komski, Roman Catholic priest in Auschwitz. (Enlgish, Hebrew)

Unknown chlid no. 54

Search for Unbekanntes Kind 54, who dissapeared from Tilburg in the summer of 1944. (Dutch)

Prisoner 98288 

Leon Greenman tells the story of the arrest of his family in Rotterdam and his journey to Auschwitz. (Dutch)

Undying Love Moving stories of love in the Shoah.(English) Jewish labor camps

Story of Jewish forced laborers and the 50 forced labor camps in the Netherlands. (Dutch)

Letty Ben Heled

Story of the author of "conversations with myself in Auschwtz", member of the resistance, who was caught and deported to Auschwitz. (Dutch)

Remembering the liberation of camp Westerbork

60 years after the liberation of Juden Durchgangslager Westerbork. (Dutch)

Could Anne Frank still have been alive?

Otto Frank, father of Anne, applies for a visum for his family over 80 times. He wants to move to the US. A visum for Cuba is issued, but never reached the unfortunate family.  (English, Dutch voice over)

New letters of Otto Frank discovered

Could the murder of Anne, Edith and Margot Frank have been prevented? New letters found in new York seem to suggest so. (English, Dutch voice over)